Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The 6th Grade Invention Convention
April 26th, 2010–04–26

Today was a very exciting day for the 6th graders. After learning about Leonardo DaVinci, and his wonderful ideas for inventions, the boys had a discussion about what inventions they could come up with to make the world a more convenient place to live in.
The class was divided into four team. Each team was asked to build a scale model of their invention and to come up with an interesting way to promote it. This afternoon, after two months of work they had the chance to present their idea at our annual Leonardo Davinci Invention Convention. Here is what they came up with…
The Voice Activated Television, invented by Shua Friedman, Aaron Wruble and Dovid Samuels, was created in answer to the question: “I wonder if we could make something that would let us change the channel on out TV without messing up the buttons?” The speakers on the side of the television respond to voice request for channel selection and an earpiece/microphone device can be used to filter out background noise. In case of laryngitis the TV does come with an old fashioned push button remote.
David Silberman and Grant Parker wondered whether they could invent something that would prepare the exact food to satisfy one’s hunger and so the Cravetron 3000 was born. It is a large machine that is attached to a table. You just attach the electrodes to your head and the dish you wish for will appear on the plate in front of you.
Aharon Merazan, Nathan Goren and Marti Lang tried to come up with an effciant way to feed the homeless. The Food Launcher 2000 can launch food capsules into any area. A thumbprint scanner on the food pod eliminates the problem of hoarding and everyone will get just what he or she needs.
Like many multi-taskers of this generation, Nachi Fleischhacker and Shaya Katz wondered if there was a way to use the computer while going for a jog. The CVG (computer, video & GPS) allows you to do just that. This bifocal glasses has a built in computer screen that is voice activated by the speaker located on the side of the glasses. While wearing the glasses the user can access all computer functions as well as watch videos and use the GPS system to find directions for the best jogging route.
The boys energy and creativity really shined through as they presented their inventions with clever skits, commercials and posters. Mrs. Gersten is having a hard time picking the winning invention. You’ll have to wait until next week to find out who that will be.

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