Monday, January 19, 2009

Some very exciting things are going on over the next few weeks in the art room. The first is that we are starting to work on those great siddur covers. The first grade parents are doing an awesome job and I'm sure that the children will be delighted with the results.
The students are learning early on the value of giving back to those who help you out. They are enthusiastically creating wonderful projects for the PTA auction. I hope that everyone will come to the auction and bid on these amazing hand made items that they worked together to create.
The halls are proudly displaying the work that our students have been creating. We have spent the first half of the year learning about lines and how they can be used to express movement and emotion. Our children have created some really wonderful drawings, collages and paintings. Some of the older children have been working on Inner Self Portraits. These introspective Montages are very enlightening and allot of fun to examin closely. I am very excited about our Portraits in Motion Project (see video below). The 7th and 8th grade girls did a remarkable job combining the styles of Degas and Haring with their own unique sense of creativity. I am so happy with the results. Feel free to come by any time to look at the exhibits, ask me any questions or watch our students in action.

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