Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 7th & 8th Grade Girls Visit The Center For Southern Folklore

When we entered the Center for Southern Folklore the first thing that we noticed is that there is constant visual stimulation. Every surface is covered with exciting colors and patterns.
We were met by Judy Peiser who spoke to us about what the center does to preserve the Memories of Folk Art and Music in Memphis. She then showed us a film about local Folk Music and Art. Frank Lilly, ( a local artist), then met with us to explain that Folk Art is created using ordinary objects to create extraordinary things. It was great to see the examples of both his art and other Folk artists from Memphis; and to hear the stories behind the work. He told about an artist that painted on bottles and then we painted our own bottles. To finish off this creative experience we ate our lunch in the club and then got a tour of the center from Frank Lilly. We all enjoyed this creative experience very much. To get a taste of what we saw, watch the slide shows above. If you want to find out more about the Center for Southern Folklore follow the link below.

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