Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today we had an amazing experience.
Miss Sarah from the Dixon Gallery & Gardens came to visit us. She met first with the 1st – 3rd graders to discuss butterflies. After explaining the life cycle of the butterfly with puppets, she then showed us some photos and we examined the patterns of the scales on their wings. We noticed two things. Butterflies are symmetrical and some butterflies have patterns that resemble things that we see around us. Sarah even showed us a special book about butterflies that have the letters of the alphabet on their wings! Then we created our own larger than life butterflies out of paper, paint and pipe cleaners. If you want to see us at work, check out the video below.
Next Sarah met with the 4th and 5th graders to discuss the concept of sculptures. Sculptures are three dimensional and can be created out of anything! That’s right ANYTHING. She passed around several examples of sculptures for us to explore hands on and then the we created our own sculptures using model magic and paint. Beads and other collage materials were available for those of us who chose to use them. It was great fun to see how different each sculpture turned out. Check out the video below to see us in action!
(even though the panel cover reads 1st – 2nd Grade it actually shows both sessions and panel cover reading 4th and 5th grade appears later on in the video.)
The Dixon Gallery and Gardens is located at 4339 Park Avenue. It offers several acres of lovely gardens and wonderful galleries of fine art. If you would like to find out more about the Dixon you can follow this link to their web site.

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L said...

Chany, I was on the internet and decided to check out what was happening with MHA. WOW! what a neat blog. I only wish my kids had more time with you as a teacher before we left. B'chatzlacha ( or how ever it is spelled in english) Leah